Kyanite, an aluminum silicate mineral, is a common staple of Crystal Resonance therapy and is found in several different forms. It is comprised of a triclinic crystal system, which means its crystals are flat, elongated, and reminiscent of a blade. Kyanite has a consistent hardness of 4.5 when measured along the crystal axis, but varies between a measurement of 6 and 7 across the crystal system. It is native to Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Burma, Kenya, Mexico, and America.

All types of Kyanite assist with solving negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration, or disharmonious disputes.

Although chakras may currently be unproven scientifically, their benefits are believed to be more legitimate than pure speculation. With that belief in mind, Kyanite that is blue, indigo, green, or black it is believed to carry metaphysical properties. The effects of each color correspond with the correlating chakra (indigo, which is third eye responsive). Kyanite that is white, pink, yellow, or grey is considered less impactful.

Blue Kyanite boosts mental capacities and the ability to comprehend more complex information. According to Robert Simmons, one of the authors of The Book of Stones, this is done by uniting the astral, physical, and casual bodies. This yields a more potent consciousness that can dwell in waking, dreaming, and dream-less sleep. The combination of Blue and Green Kyanite can bring energy to the resonance of the heart energy, which promotes self-progressive pursuits such as self-healing. The interaction can also check the ego that is associated with enhanced psychic abilities.

When green Kyanite is supplemented with nature, it can help create balance in one’s life. Tao, the life force of the universe, is much more accessible with Green Kyanite than it is without. People with jobs that involve a substantial amount of discernment may find Green Kyanite rather helpful as it makes detecting insincerity significantly easier. The green pigment of Kyanite can promote interaction with the Fairy-Deva Realm, where the archetypes of humanity and time exist. Not only does it enhance one’s dream life, it can facilitate lucid dreaming when placed on a pillowcase or taped to one’s third eye prior to sleep.

Black Kyanite is a personal favorite. Its ability to clear out blockages in the flow of chakra makes it ideal for all forms of energetic healing. It is also known for raising awareness of inter-dimensional consciousness while keeping one’s connections to Earth, which grounds and energizes its host. Furthermore, it is believed that Black Kyanite is the key to re-experiencing past lives of yourself and even your ancestors.

Although all forms of Kyanite harmonize well together, Robert Simmons claimed Indigo Kyanite has specific mental properties that separate it from the others. He specifically stated that the pineal gland is boosted and activates latent psychic abilities. This could prove priceless when seeking genuine insight to resolve arguments and disputes. Naisha Ahsian, Simmons’ co-author for The Book of Stones, stated “All types of Kyanite assist with solving negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration, or disharmonious disputes. These don’t have to be business related and the topic could even be belief based. The effects are all the same. A good reaffirmation of the traits this stone embodies would be ’I cross the inner bridges which lead to my growth, opening to the etheric realms, the world of nature, and the land of heart.’”

If you’re looking to amplify the effects of Kyanite with another stone, we recommend using Moldavite. We hope this article will be helpful in your journey towards enlightenment. Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.