Emerald is a green form of Beryl, a beryllium silicate mineral, and its name is derived from the Greek word ‘smaragdos’ which translates simply to green stone. The earliest mining for Emerald happened in Egypt in approximately 1300 B.C. However, when the Spaniards invaded South America in the 1500s, native leaders were wearing Emerald specimens of a significantly higher quality than those from Egyptian sources. After conquering South America, the Spaniards acquired their resources and the trade of Emerald. You will find the best crystals and gems in Columbia but Africa, Russia, and Brazil all yield great specimens as well.

Ancient alchemy alleges that a sacred ‘Emerald Tablet’ held the keys to enlightenment and transformation.

In Roman culture, Emerald was associated with the goddess Venus and believed to help with fertility. Ancient alchemy alleges that a sacred ‘Emerald Tablet’ held the keys to enlightenment and transformation. Christian legends tell of Emerald being the stone of resurrection. In legends from other cultures across the globe Emerald is believed to cure a variety of diseases, alleviate fear, enhance persuasiveness, aid in prophecy, bring pure joy, and improve memory.

To those who believe in the effects of chakras, Emerald is the purest representation of the activated energy patterns of the heart chakra. This is because Emerald is the purest crystalline emanation of the Green Ray, or color of the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the wellspring love, compassion, and an array of other emotions. The two emotions that truly show one’s divine nature are love and compassion, and they are integral in the process of spiritual ascension. Emerald is the purest form of the heart chakras energy patterns, and it helps one live from the heart, which leads to more compassion and unconditional love in one’s relationships and daily activities. This leads to an increase in exposure to love and clears the mind so they can interact with the divine love. Even more so, Emerald can increase one’s ability to acknowledge the heart’s wisdom, and not make decisions that seem sensible but don’t ultimately align with the ‘heart’s path.’

Wearing Emerald can help tune one’s vibrational frequency to plethoras of abundance. This is because an open heart offers nearly endless opportunities to receive love, and this could contribute to the belief that Emerald is a stone of prosperity. Courage is also an emotion Emerald resonates strongly with, because it also depends heavily on having an open heart and resolve. Courage, ultimately, is what moves one along the path of the heart with no regard to risks or impediments.

Moldavite is a definite ally if one is carrying Emerald or has it in their presence. Emerald and Moldavite are both a part of the Legend of the Holy Grail, which revolves around a spiritual tablet that let the knights Parcival attain enlightenment while leading them on spiritual journeys. Metaphorically, the story could be implying that the key to the holy grail is an open heart, seeing as how both stones open one’s. Other stones that resonate with the heart such as Dioptase, Aventurine, Rose Quartz Morganite, Kuznite, and Rhodochrosite also work well in conjunction with Emerald. If one is attempting to yield additional prosperity Tsavorite can boost those properties in Emerald whereas Lepidolite and Emerald will help with mending broken hearts.

A great reaffirmation for carriers of the stone is “Through love and compassion, all things and blessings flow freely.” We hope this article was helpful in your journey towards enlightenment. Progress, because progression is progress. Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


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