Youthful Thug posted a truly energizing photograph on Instagram today, with him and kindred Atlanta craftsman—and previous Deadpool screenwriter—Childish Gambino/Donald Glover gazing at the camera.

This by itself wouldn’t be much news to keep in touch with home about, yet gratefully, Thugger’s inscription unquestionably is. While “Watch this… ” could mean completely anything, it appears to be quite sensible for us to get our desires up for a Thugger/Gambino collab or, maybe more probable, a cameo from Young Thug on Glover’s widely praised FX indicate Atlanta. It wouldn’t be the first run through a prominent performer made a cameo on the show.

Gambino has already expressed that his follow-up to Awaken, My Love! would be his last. While that is unquestionably not the best news, it bodes well for somebody as multi-gifted as Donald Glover to shake it up and communicate aesthetically in a wide range of various organizations. He is, all things considered, the Emmy-winning maker of the FX demonstrate Atlanta, an exceptional humorist, author, on-screen character, MC, and general craftsman.

Regardless of whether this potential Young Thug/Gambino joint effort is identified with music, TV, or something unique, is vague. What is clear, nonetheless, is that the likelihood of these two craftsman working together, in any way, is cause for fervor.

Figure we’ll need to sit back and watch in the event that it really happens.


Ben Scarborough


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