"The best studio in Atlanta."

Atom Pushers, Drug Money

This is where we come and cook up that crack at—cook up that fire! It’s a good sound, a good environment. I got the whole gang in here with me! Turning up! Third Eye Collective is the spot to be.

Tre Pounds, 808 Mafia

Atlanta, GA

Dis my studio. Boss life.

Brandon "Boss Life"

Atlanta, GA

Third Eye Collective, by far, one of my favorite studios in Atlanta. It’s owned by a close friend of mine Strap, and my friend Sam. Outside of that- the environment- the studio just has like a cool vibe—very artsy. It’s a place where you can come and be inspired to get creative.

Fuse, 808 Mafia

Atlanta, GA

Honestly, this is my favorite studio in Atlanta straight up. I've pretty much been in every studio all over the city. There's just something about bumping into another creative professional to help your project go to the next level.

Marian Zink

Atlanta, GA

"You see the system... good vibes. Extremely creative space."

Jody Breeze